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2020 Wrap Up

I have many friends in the music scene who have had a very difficult year, economically and spiritually. My heart goes out to anyone who is struggling.

Despite the challenges of 2020, I feel almost guilty to be able to report many creative and exciting projects this year.

Incredibly, I took part in 4 album launches, all of them live:

Steve Arié Quirks

Chris Cody Astrolabe

Sam Gill Perspectival

Paul Cutlan Living

The last of these being the second album of my String Project, features pianist composer Gary Daley and master percussionist Tunji Beier. Recorded literally in the week before Australia’s lockdown in March, the editing and production of this album kept me focussed and creative through much of 2020.

Another confession is a freshly kindled passion for improvisation inspired by the timbral beauty of each of my instruments, in particular my newly acquired alto flute (my self-described ‘therapy instrument’). It is featured alongside the Eb clarinet and bass clarinet in the beautifully filmed clip for Phoenix Central Park’s series Behind Doors.

I recorded an interview as part of the Sydney Saxophone Network series broadcast by wonderful saxophonist Nathan Henshaw. Although I stray from the subject of the saxophone far too much, this is as complete a profile of my musical life as I’ve given so far.

As 2021 starts, I really hope I can help with the recovery of the music scene in Australia, as we forge ahead in the face of a government largely uncaring of the state of the arts and its dedicated practitioners.


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