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2015 - done and dusted!

I'm fortunate to have had a really fulfilling year, among great friends and exceptional musicians. I've been lucky to be involved in several recordings including Jeremy Rose's Iron in the Blood, Lloyd Swanton's Ambon and my own Across the Top. Memorable tours included Hong Kong with Mara! and Europe with Mara!+Martenitsa.

There were some wonderful gigs with Craig Scott's Quintet, Andrew Robson Quartet, Ten Part Invention, Gary Daley's Sanctuary and Matt McMahon's amazing Paths & Streams. Unusual concerts include Ólafur Arnalds, talented singer/songwriters Nicola Milan and Anne McCue. I played on some amazing documentaries and short films including Getting Frank for Caitlin Yeo and Max Lyandzert's The Kettering Incident, as well as Steve Francis' music for Griffin Theatre's 'A Rabbit for Kim Jong-il.

I'm happy to be composing a bit more: look out in 2016 for Jenny Eriksson's recording of my new suite for viola da gamba and harpsichord 'Spinning Forth'. I've enjoyed seeing all my students develop over the year too.

Looking forward to a bit of down time now and plenty more fun and inspiration with you all this year!

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