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Exciting New Composition for Big Band

2016 is shaping up to be another productive year for composition with 2 new comissions and one adaption of an existing work on my desk.

Jenna Cave is a talented young composer who co-leads the Divergence Jazz Orchestra. Their premier recording Opening Statement showcases her excellently crafted and highly melodic compositions. Check out Jenna's website here and the band's bandcamp site here.

Jenna's latest initiative has been to commission 4 diverse Australian composers to write new repertoire for this ensemble. I am honoured to be one of those invited to contribute a new piece.

To achieve this, Jenna has started a crowfunding campaign to raise the funds necessary to pay fees to the composers and also to the band to rehearse this new repertoire. If you feel inspired to be involved and would like to contribute, you can find out more about it here.

At this stage, all of my sketches have centered around a battle, or competition between contrasting styles, specifically a swinging shuffle grove and a driving, heavy rock feel. I'm planning for these competing feels to be championed by different protagonists within the band, with the shuffle theme given most likely to the trombone, while the guitar carries the heavy rock banner. I'm hoping this piece will be a great showcase for the variety of talent within the band and a chance for the whole ensemble to sound empowered and awesome!

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